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  Out of Control OVA (1989) Live Action TV (2005) Manga  

OVA Series (1989)

01. Genesis of the Guyver
02. Battle of the Guyvers
03. Mysterious Shadow ... Guyver III
04. Attack of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team 5
05. Death of the Guyver
06. Terminal Battle - The Fall of Chronos Japan

07. The Battle Begins
08. The Lost Unit
09. Transformation Tragedy
10. Haunted Village
11. The Beastmaster
12. Reactivation

Characters (Japanese/English):
David Hart - US Narrator (series I)
Hal Cleaveland - US Narrator (series II)
Takeshi Kusao/Tom Fahn - Sho Fukamachi (Guyver I)
Yuko Mizutani/Melissa Fahn - Mizuki Segawa
Kozo Shioya/Victor Garcia - Tetsuro Segawa
Yutaka Shimaka/Sonny Byrkett - Fumio Fukamachi
Hirotaka Suzuoki/Steve Areno - Masaki Murakami

Hideyuki Tanaka/Steven Jay Blum - Agito Makishima (Guyver III)
Maria Kawamura/Debra Rogers - Shizu Onuma
Kenichi Ogata/<unknown> - Yohei Onuma

Norio Wakamoto/Gary Michaels - Owsard Lisker/Oswald A. Lisker (Guyver II)
Hidekatsu Shibata/Bill Kestin - Richard Guyot/Rehalt Guou
Seizo Kato/Sonny Byrkett - Dr. Hamilcar Barcus/Dr. Balcus

Issei Futamata/Gary Michaels - Aptom
Ikuya Sawaki/Gary Michaels - Zector/ZX-Tole
Masashi Hironaka/<unknown> - Thancrus
Banjo Ginga/<unknown> - Gaster
Daisuke Gori/<unknown> - Derzerb
Juurouta Kosugi/<unknown> - Elegen
Jun Hazumi/<unknown> - Genzo Makashima

This series was actually based upon the first five volumes of the Guyver Manga. Many of the events of the manga appear to have been moved around or new plot points created due to the limited run of the series. For example, due to not featuring a portion about the Mount Minakami and the Relic ship the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 actually first attacks Sho's school. Also the whole battle inside Chronos Japan where the rest of the Team 5 members are killed by Sho and Agito was added to the series.

The Series is unofficially divided into two sections, the first six episodes seem to focus on Sho acquiring the armor and battling Chronos Japan and Guyot. The second half focuses on Barcus's attempts to kill Sho and Aptom's revenge against Sho for killing Dyme and Somlum.

Towards the end of the last episode where Aptom, Type Two has kidnapped Mizuki there are two versions of the famous "shirt ripping" scene. One that includes Mizuki's bare chest and one where the several second scene is cut out. In the edited version only the shots of her back and then while holding Sho's shirt over herself are shown.

Release Date:
1989/1992 - Japan
1992 - US
1994/1995 - UK

Runtime: 30 min (each)

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