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The Guyver

Known Hosts:  
Guyver I
Host: Sho Fukamachi
Gender: Male
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 261 kg
Look: Light blue/light green color
Guyver 0
Host: Unknown Human
Gender: Male
Height: <unknown>
Weight: <unknown>
Look: Dark green/brown color
Guyver II
Host: Oswald A. Lisker
Gender: Male
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 360 kg
Look: Yellow color, asymmetrical features (due to unit being damaged)
Guyver IIf
Host: Valkyria
Gender: Female
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 262 kg
Look: Purple/blue color
Guyver III
Host: Agito Makishima
Gender: Male
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 328 kg
Look: Dark/black colors, spiky looking

Guyver Gigantic

Guyver Exceed

Guyver Unit (inactive)
Guyver Unit (inactive) Opens in New Window

High-Frequency Swords: A pair (or in the case of Guvyer III two pairs) of blade weapons that extend from the Guyver's forearms. When activated the blades vibrate at high frequency disrupting the target's molecular structure before it is cut.
Mega-smasher: The Guyver's most powerful weapon. Located under the chest armor upon opening up and charged the high energy blast beam has been seen to destroy entire sections of mountains
Head Beam: A laser fired from the Guyver's head. In the TV series Lisker states that the beam uses excess body heat.
Gravity Control Orb: Located on the Guyver's belt this device is able to pulled gravitational energy from an alternate dimension to allow for anti-gravity flight, compression of the gravity energy to create a projectile called the "Pressure Cannon" and to be used as a shield.
Sonic Emitters: Located on the Guyver's face these orbs create a sonic weapon as well as a limited force field
Hyper Sensors: Located on the sides of the Guyver's head these "secondary eyes" allow the armor to detect enemies almost behind him/her
Control Metal: Located in the forehead of the Guyver this orb controls the flow of power between the armor and the host's brain. This device also prevents the bio-boost creature from devouring the host, if removed the armor will "eat" the host. Additionally if the armor and/or host body is damaged or destroyed the host's genetic material and memories can be recreated by the Control Metal

Although the exact nature of the alien armor suit is not fully known or understood it is known that the device called "Guyver" or "G-Unit" was first brought to the Earth by the alien scientists called the Creators. After successfully creating their warrior race and enhanced soldiers the aliens decided to adapt one of their human warriors with the power armor suit that they all wore as a further experiment. The experiment was a success and the test subject exceeded all expectations but it also allowed what would be known as Guyver 0 to disobey the alien's mental commands. Eventually the rampaging Guyver 0 was destroyed when Archanfel used the Unit Remover to revert the armor to it's dormant state and killed the host subject.

While the armor's offensive and defensive powers are almost unstoppable several weaknesses have been discovered: the specially created corrosive "Enzyme" that Chronos developed by studying Guyver II's armor, the sheer power of a Zoalord, and the skill of a specially optimized and battle trained Hyper Zoanoid.

Although in most cases the host is in control of the armor the Guyver is actually a living and "thinking" battle suit. If the host should be injured or otherwise unable to fight the armor will go into a type of self-defense mode attacking any target without regard for friend or foe.

The armor also has an incredible capacity for regeneration and healing. If the armor (and host) were to be injured in battle the armor can either heal itself on the battle field although the repair process is somewhat slow or upon deactivation and their retrieval the armor will be fully functional. The healing power of the armor is so great that it was actually able to fully heal massive brain trauma to Sho and in a rare case fully restore Sho's entire body and memories following the bio-boost organism fully devouring his body when the control metal was removed.

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