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The Creators

Not really much is known about the alien beings that would be commonly be known as the Creators (aka the Advents, Ouranos or the Uranus). It is known that this alien species or group of multiple species are the ones who are responsible for creating the Zoanoid race and in turn Chronos.

Countless millennia ago when the Earth was still barren and lifeless the aliens descended on the planet in an effort to perform an experiment - to create the ultimate biological weapon that could reproduce quickly and is easily controlled. After an unknown period of time they in fact created this weapon and it became known as humanity. As it is rumored that the Creators were at war with another species or group of them they were hoping that this newly created warrior race would serve as an expendable foot soldier society.

Once they had perfected their warrior race they decided that they could try manipulating their creation's genetic code to try and further enhance their weapon, and hence the Zoanoid was created. To rule these two classes of soldier, the human as foot soldier and Zoanoid as enhanced warrior breed, they created a general known as "Archanfel" to administer the duties they wished not to worry about.

One day it was decided that they would implant one of their human creations with one of what they called "G-Unit" (something that all of the aliens wore) to see what would happen. The experiment was a success, their human subject surpassed all of their hopes and achieved both a strength and power that was unseen before. But the problem was that the power of the Guyver also allowed their creation to ignore the alien's mental control and the test subject actually attacked his masters. In the alien's native language this failed experiment would be known as "Guyver" meaning "Out of Control"

Eventually the alien's general, Archanfel, defended his master and using a device called the "Remover" the battle armor was reverted to it's inert form and the test subject was killed. Fearing more violence from their weapon the aliens decided that their experiment in weapons development was a failure, they left the planet forever and attempted to erase all traces of their visitation. But in his only act of disobedience Archanfel stopped the meteor that was sent to destroy the planet but he was not unharmed for his efforts.

  The Creators



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