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Archanfel is one of the twelve Zoalords and the founder of the Chronos organization. Originally created by the mysterious Creators millennia ago he is by far the most powerful creature on the planet in terms of physical strength, battle prowess and psychic ability.

Created to be The Creators during their experiments to create a new warrior race Archanfel was supposed to be their general to lead their biological weapons against their unknown enemy. As being one of their creations Archanfel was their most loyal and trusted of soldiers, even trusting him enough to defend them from and to kill the rampaging Guyver 0.

After the "Guyver 0 Incident" the Creators had decided that they should leave the planet Earth as their experiment in warrior development was a failure. As such they decided that they should sterilize their test environment by destroying the planet with a huge meteor. But in something that had never happened again Archanfel disobeyed his masters and attempted to save the planet that he called home and the various creatures that he called friends.

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But as Archanfel was attempting to stop his master's grand plans they discovered his disobedience, crippled him and left him in space with nothing he could do but watch as the planet was destroyed. But Archanfel was in fact not defeated, he transformed into his battleform and he was able to use his massive psychic powers to destroy the meteor before it could impact the Earth.

Physically exhausted from his ordeal and his injuries he fell to the Earth unconscious. The humans and Zoanoids that inhabited the Earth at the time saw his descent to the planet below, gathered him up and built a shrine to their savior on the island that would eventually be called "Silha". While he slept in recuperative slumber time proceeded, the human race took dominance over the planet and civilization progressed without him

He would remain in his hibernation sleep until about 400 years ago when a lost explorer came upon the island where Archanfel slept. Eventually this man named Hamilcar Barcus would come upon the chamber where he was sleeping and awoke the Zoalord. Over an unknown period of time Barcus and Archanfel developed a relationship and they decided to create the Chronos organization to create an army of their own that could be used to eventually locate his Creators again either to destroy them himself for their betrayal or to demand to know why they did what they did thousands of years ago.

Barcus would then leave Silha and look for ten other men of similar strength and power to recruit into this new world order that would be called "Chronos".

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Over the next four hundred years Barcus would eventually find his selected eleven other individuals to rule over the Chronos organization, the last of these members being Richard Guyot. Eventually during the Relic's Point incident Guyot's master plan would come to light, his desire to eventually gain the abilities of a Guyver to take over command of Chronos for himself. Archanfel would leave his hibernation state on Silha and directly confront Guyot and his treachery. Guyot proves to be no match for his own master and had his Zoa-Crystal ripped from his body. But the problem was that for Archanfel's plan to succeed he would still need to have eleven additional Zoalords besides himself. Seeing a dying prototype Zoalord near the battlefield he took the opportunity to "recruit" this man into the Chronos organizations as a replacement Zoalord known as Imakarum Mirabilis.

Mirabilis proved to be a very good choice to fold into his "family" as he would prove to be Archanfel's most loyal soldier and confidant.

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