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Chronos is the main antagonist of the Guyver universe.

To the public they are nothing more than a multi-national corporation hoping to make money and gain power through economic influence but in actuality they are a villainous superpower with plans of world domination.

Chonos is ruled by the massively powerful and immortal Zoalords, the most powerful and oldest of their ranks being Archanfel. In the modern era through genetic manipulation the general foot soldiers are known as the Zoanoids. These "monsters" typically have been genetically altered by Chronos scientists to exhibit certain strength, flight, weapon type or in some cases more unusual powers. One of the common characteristics of the Zoanoid is their total mental control by their Zoaloard masters.

  Archanfel   Hamilcar Barcas
  Sin Rubeo Amniculus   Waferdanos
  Friedrich von Purgstall   Cabraal Khan
  Jabir Ibn Hayyan   Luggnagg de Krumeggnic
  Li Yentsui   Edward Caerleon
  Tuatha De Galenos   Richard Guyot
  Imakarum Mirabilis    

Nealcos, Golvarun, Caden

Vamore, Delcasse, Menzel, Grimmels

Brelimos, Devold, Gepatolls, Gernold, Valvatos, Vikarr

Malmot, Gregole, Gobilva, Bresnel, Casvarius, Bonga, Oranganann, Broiz,
Ramotith, Valvas, Eurenorm, Giles, Gergoile, Ziatt, Lu-Kill, Granza, Hodluff, Eltopo, Dail, Gezz, Diegel, Curvill, Neagle, Geefog, Bystoma, Tabross

Citiciss, Razell, Rocies, Malcult

Hyper Zoanoids:
Zerbebuth, Powered Zerbebuth, Panadyne, Noskov, Myumelzee, Zencrebe,
, Minodlius, Gapteyn, Danaplus, Borzel, Gavein, Branchai, Gustav, Zanngallo, Bilfinger, Gastal, Gusyphus, Synevite

Guyver Killers:
Enzyme I, Enzyme II, Enzyme III

Hyper Zoanoid Team Five:
ZX-Tole, Thancrus, Gaster, Derzerb, Elegen

Lost Numbers/Unit:
Aptom, Somlum, Dyme, Gelpass, Bio-Freezer, Neo ZX-Tole

Cloud Gate, Arizona Base, Relic's Point, Island of Silha, Mount Minakami,
Pillars of Heaven

Artifacts: The Ark, The Relic (Ship)

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