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Out of Control (1986)

Deep in the woods of Tokyo a strange man (Malmot) holding onto a duffle bag is offered a ride by a trucker. As the duo are driving along the trucker attempts to steal the strange man's bag. The man somehow kills the much stronger trucker but is intercepted by a group of Chronos soldiers. Malmot transforms into his test type battleform but is no match for the power type Gregole unit leading the team. Nearby where the battle is occurring unbeknownst to them Sho and Mizuki are walking along when they see a hugh explosion. Suddenly a strange object comes flying at and hit's Sho. The commanding Gregole and his team come upon Sho who has fallen into a nearby river (in the middle of transforming into the Guyver) and Mizuki who passes out at the sight of the monstrous creatures. Just as Gregole is about to kill Mizuki Sho as Guyver I jumps out of the river and kills Gregole. His teammates flee in terror at their leader getting killed brutally but the Guyver finishes them off as well.

Sho deactivates the alien armor and takes Mizuki's unconscious body back to her house. The next day as school two of Sho's friends suddenly are killed by an unseen Chronos sniper while they and Sho are chatting. Sho goes to the police but is directed unfortunately to an undercover Zoanoid named Vamore. Vamore gives Sho a video of a captured Mizuki at a secret Chronos location. Sho summons the alien armor and kills Vamore with his megasmasher attack.

Meanwhile Chronos Headquarters has sent out a female inspector named Valkyria to locate and retrieve the lost Guyver Units. Eventually Valkyria is merged with a damaged inactivated guyver unit and becomes Guyver IIf.

Sho, deeply upset by the lose of his two friends and seeing Mizuki being tortured by Chronos flees his life to become a wanderer. In an unidentified shack Sho meets a Chronos agent named Chief Ishiwatari whom he fights with and kills. During the battle Sho is given a hint to where Mizuki may be held. In his armored form Sho sets out to locate Chronos's base and free Mizuki. And Sho succeeds in finding Chronos Japan's base, an underground and underwater tanker. Once inside the base Sho encounters Guyver IIf. Throughout the entire battle Valkyria seems to have the upper hand due to her intensive battle training until her control medal malfunctions. Using the opportunity Sho punches the damaged unit and destroys it completely. Without her control medal to manage the armor it starts to devour Valkyria. Sho finishes the battle by blasting Valkyria with his megasmasher.

Watching the entire battle is the human commander of Chronos Japan, Genzo Makishima, who is holding Mizuki hostage with a gun. Guyver III appears suddenly and kills Genzo. At the sight of the armored warrior Mizuki passes out again. Guyver III then carries her unconscious body out to Guyver I and tells him that they both need to leave before the tanker explodes. Guyver III instructs Sho to concentrate and use his gravity orb to fly away with Mizuki. He does while Guyver III escapes him/herself.

The film ends when Guyver I returns to the ground away from the burning facility. Mizuki awakens and realizes that Sho in his armor form had saved her from the monsters. She begs Sho to stay with her but he tells her it's too dangerous to remain and leaves. The next day everything is back to normal, Mizuki returns to school but it can been seen that she misses Sho and the tanker explosion is covered up saying it was an industrial accident. Sho and Guyver III are never seen again.

Yu Mizushima - Sho Fukamachi (Guyver I)
Michie Tomizawa- Mizuki Segawa

Keiko Toda - Valkeria (Guyver IIf)
Jun Hazumi - Genzo Makishima
Michitaka Kobayashi - Marmot
Fumihiko Tachiki - Chronos Soldier B

Norio Wakamoto - Chief Ishiwatari
Yuji Fujishiro - Detective Akitsu

Nozomu Sasaki - Friend A
Yu Ogura - Pupil

Yasuro Tanaka - Truck Driver
Ai Sato - Mother

Jurota Kosugi - Guyver III

Out of Control is based loosely on the first four chapters of the manga.

Sho's best friend, Tetsuro, is actually omitted from the series completely and replaced by Mizuki. (i.e. Sho and Mizuki are walking when Sho acquires the armor, Sho and Mizuki fight the armored Chronos inspector.)

Guyver III appears but it is never explained who he/she is.

After Chronos is destroyed Sho and Guyver III are never seen again. Sho actually leaves Mizuki forever for he fears for her safety.

Features the famous "tentacle rape" scene where unlike where Guyver I's activation is simply the "pre-armor mass" only absorbing Sho when Valkyria is adapted into Guyver IIf her transformation is more graphic showing that the armor invades "all aspects of the body". Plus unlike the other Guyver armor users the female guyver host will normally have her clothes burned off when the armor activates.

Release Date: December 13, 1986 (Japanese dialog only)

Runtime: 55 min

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