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Richard Guyot


Richard Guyot (human)
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Richard Guyot is one of the last of the twelve Zoalords to have joined the Chronos organization. Though being one of the last to be processed into a Zoalord he may be the most powerful in terms of battle ability due to his uncanny ability to control gravity, to the point that he is even able to create an artificial black hole.

Before he had been processed into a Zoalord he was aware of the existence of the Guyver Units somehow and their incredible power. During his processing into a Zoalord he was involved in the betrayal plot by Shinichiro Yamamura and his prototype Zoalords. After the failed plot was foiled he took his place as the 12th Zoalord.

Battle Form
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One thing that was not discovered by his "brothers" at Chronos was his quest to power and his willingness to betray anyone he had to achieve his goals of taking over Chronos away from Archanfel, Barcus and the others. To this extent he would do whatever he could to possess a Guyver unit to be used on himself to increase his own Zoalord strength and powers.

Eventually during the Relic's Point debacle Guyot's true intentions were revealed to his fellow Zoalords and Archanfel himself. When it was revealed that the planned to take over Chronos by adapting himself with into a Guyver Zoalord Archanfel awoke from his hibernation sleep in order to stop his revolt against his master. To that end Archanfel and was quickly attacked by Guyot, eventually the battle ended when Archanfel was sucked into a black hole that Guyot created. With his only rival dispatched Guyot set about to complete his plan by using the Guyver Remover to steal a unit from Sho and/or Agito. But just as Guyot was able to achieve his goal Archanfel appeared out of nowhere, unharmed by his encounter with the black hole. In turn Guyot was disabled by the incredible strength of Archanfel and he had his Zoa-Crystal removed, thus stripping him of his powers. The last that the Zoalords saw his body plummeting into the mouth of the now active Mount Minakami volcano.

In more recent events a shadowed figure was seen in the Tokyo area, apparently Guyot had survived the volcano but was drastically injured. The next time we saw Guyot he had apparently fallen in with the Rogue Zoalords who through an unknown deal had his body reprocessed into a prototype Zoalord and was provided with a group of specialized Hyper Zoanoids known as the Unas.

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His first order of business was to recruit the female Guyver IIf into the Rogue Zoalord's camp. Next with his powerful Unas units, his proto-Zoalord powers and his female armored companion they set out to destroy the Zeus' Thunderbolt group, their Zoalord leader Griselda and her Libertus warriors. Eventually it is realized that the newly revived Guyot, Guyver IIf and the Rogues are actually after Tetsuro and Mizuki.

Proto-Zoalord Bioblaster
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Live Action Film:
In the second live action Guyver film, Guyver: Dark Hero, Commander Gouo (notice spelling) is protrayed as being the commanding Zoalord over Crane and his men. Although not much is seen of him beyond a live communication feed between Crane and Gouo in a closed off office he still desires the Relic ship and an unadapted guyver unit. Not displayed is his thirst for power nor his willingness to kill the other Zoalords to achieve it.

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