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Hamilcar Barcas

Hamilcar Barcas (human)
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Hamilcar Barcus is one of the twelve Zoalords and co-founder of the Chronos organization. He is also the most skilled individual in terms of the development of Zoanoids and their unique powers and abilities. In most cases almost every functional model of Zoanoid in active service to Chronos was either developed or finished by Barcus.

Originally 400 years ago Barcus was a European merchant attempting to sail the seas to visit the New World. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) his ship was destroyed in a storm and he washed ashore on an unknown island. Wandering around this unexplored island he found creatures of myth and legend, including mermaids, dinosaurs, and fairies. Most shocking of all though was a sleeping young man in a temple. Upon waking up this individual he found that this man he found was human being that possessed immense power and unusual biology.

Over an unknown period of time Barcus and the mystery young man named Archanfel discussed his plans for the future of humanity. Barcus was then converted into a Zoalord and was tasked by Archanfel with locating ten other men of similar characteristics to him to rule over the population of the planet.

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