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Sho Fukamachi (Guyver I)

Sho Fukamachi
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The main protagonist of the manga and various anime series Sho Fukamachi was a seventeen year old second year student at the Narisawa High School until one day while traveling through the woods with his best friend, Tetsuro Segawa, he came in contact with an alien armor suit that is known as The Guyver. As he was the first observed host of the armor he is referred to as "Guyver I".

Before coming contact with the guyver Sho was a normal high school student who had a secret crush on a girl in his class and lived with his father following his mother's death some time ago. Following becoming Guyver I Sho would be pretty much under constant attack from Chronos and their various plots to kill and/or capture him. These plots would even spill over to kidnapping his loved one and in the case of his father forcing him to be converted into a Zoanoid.

Guyver 1 (Head)
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Guyver 1
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Through out the series Sho would display a level of sentimentality that would actually act against him though. At one point he would put his life on the line and refuse to fight the newly created Zoalord Imakarum Mirabilis, despite knowing that his friend was lost forever to Chronos he refused to fight him.

Along with Sho's deep sentimentality his other guiding force is his need to protect those most special to him. His deep seated need to protect Mizuki and his friends was actually the driving force that guided the Relic Ship he was connected to create the Guyver Gigantic chrysalis.

Currently it is seen that while both Sho and Agito have access to the power of the Guyver Gigantic armor only Sho has been able to access the Guyver Exceed transformation.

More recently it has been revealed that one of the lesser known powers of Aptom's OmegaBlast form is the ability to combine or create an additional armor on top of another unit. As seen when Sho (in his Guyver I armor) and Aptom sneak into Chronos's Cloud Gate headquarters to see what Chronos knows about Apollon. In this hybrid mode the armor is able to deflect a Zoaloard energy bolt with ease.

Aptom/Guyver I Hybrid
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