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Agito Makishima (Guyver III)

Agito Makishima
Agito Makishima Opens in New Window

Agito Makashima is the human host to the Guyver III armor and leader of the underground resistance group called Zeus' Thunderbolt. Initially a human candidate for the Hyper Zoanoid process he was actually secretly plotting to overthrow Chronos and eventually hopes through his own methods to rule the world himself. To the point that he will ally himself with Sho and company to achieve his goals, but when their usefulness is at an end it is certain that he will discard Sho, Aptom, or even his loyal Shinu for his own goals and gains.

Guyver III (Head)
Guyver III (Head) Opens in New Window

Agito was first introduced to the secret Chronos organization through his adopted father Genzo Makishima, one of several human agents. When Agito was young his biological father forced into debt by Genzo Agito was sold to him in effort to pay off the debt. Through this turn of events plus his biological father committing suicide due to Genzo's scheming Agito would hate his adopted father.

Guyver III
Guyver III Opens in New Window

Raised by Genzo Agito's thirst for power would grow as he got older and older. Although not known amongst the primary characters it was actually Agito who was behind Malmot's theft of the three guyver units and it was Agito who was set to receive them. Following Malmot's failure and death he is seen gathering the remaining unit for himself. It was also Agito, as Guyver III, who was able to secretly kill Zerbebuth after he kidnapped Mizuki.

Eventually after his identity was revealed to Chronos as the host to Guyver III armor Agito would realize that his own secret infiltration into the organization would not longer succeed he then fully ally himself with Sho and company.

All the while keeping his own agenda to gain access to a Guyver Gigantic control medal through a lost navigation computer lost by the Creators and running his own resistance organization which was able to kill several Zoalords, destroy numerous Chronos bases and creating his own class of Zoanoids called the Libertus.


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