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Fumio Fukamachi

Fumio Fukamachi is Sho's (aka Guyver I) father. Not really much is revealed about Sho's father except he is a widower, his wife had died sometime again and that he deeply cares for his son.

Fumio Fukamachi
Fumio Fukamachi Opens in New Window

Once Sho's identity as Guyver I is discovered by Chronos Fumio is kidnapped by the evil corporation in the hopes that having his family in danger would force Sho to not act and in turn forfeit the Guyver armor to them. Following his father's kidnapping by Chronos Dr. Barcus in an extremely evil move had Sho's father processed into a Zoanoid in the hopes that Sho would not attack his own father. After Sho had freed Fumio from Chronos Dr. Barcas mentally caused Fumio's hidden Zoanoid powers to activate and Fumio changed into the first model of Enzyme II.

And unfortunately Balcus's plan had worked, despite Sho knowing that his father was gone and could not be returned to normal he would not fight the massive Zoanoid. Not until the mind controlled Zoanoid had injured Sho's body to unconsciousness was the monster killed when the Guyver armor entered into self-defense mode.

After Sho's body was healed by the alien armor and his mind returned to normal did he realize what the armor had done for him while he was incapacitated. Reliving the memories of killing his father's Zoanoid form Sho became afraid of the power of the Guyver and for some time he could not bio-boost into the armor.

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