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Shizu Onuma (Griselda)

Griselda (Head)
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Shizu Onuma is the grand daughter of a family retainer by the name of Yohei Onuma that has served the Makishima family for some time. While the exact relationship between Agito and Shizu is never really explained nor explored much she has demonstrated an undying loyality to Agito. To the extent that she would be willing to die for him or even be processed into a Zoalord in order to command his Libertus troops for Agito.

Griselda (Battle Form)
Griselda (Battle Form) Opens in New Window

Soon after the underground resistance group called Zeus' Thunderbolt surfaced it was revealed that several former Chronos scientists had joined up with Agito's group. One of these individuals was Alfred Hekkaring who had a personal vendetta against Chronos and in particular Balcus. Alfred and his colleagues felt belittled by Balcus's genius and favoritism by Chronos. To this end they wished to create thier own Zoanoid that would be superior to those used by Chronos. They also would need a queen or somekind of general who could command thier own super-Zoanoids that could block them from the mental control of Chronos.

Shizu, without a second thought, volunteered to be recreated as a Zoalord to please her master Agito. She was then proceesed into the first female Zoalord and given the name "Griselda". In her new form she was more powerful strength-wise than before, has the ability to heal her Libertus zoanoids by touch and uses a spinning attack to slice up her opponents with razor sharp blades that hang from her head.

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