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Oswald A. Lisker (Guyver II)

Oswald A. Lisker
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Oswald A. Lisker is a self described inspector from the Chronos Headquarters and the unwilling host to the Guyver II armor. Originally he was sent from Chronos HQ to the Japanese branch to retrieve the unadapted three guyver units back to the Zoalords, but that was not meant to be.

Guyver II (Head)
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Upon entering the isolation chamber that housed the damaged unit to inspect it the alien device activates on it's own and attaches to Lisker. Following the initial shock and pain of being forced to merge with the alien armor Lisker would then set out to create a trap for Guyver I. The resulting battle would have been won by battle trained and skilled martial artist until his control medal malfunctioned. Following it's malfunction Sho is able use his megasmasher blast to destroy his enemy.

Guyver II
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Considered to be one of Chronos' few elite human members if Lisker had not be adapted as a Guyver he would have been eventually processed into a Hyper Zoanoid unit.


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