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Tetsuro Segawa

Tetsuro Segawa
Tetsuro Segawa Opens in New Window

Tetsuro is the best and most loyal of friend of Sho Fukamachi. Tetsuro is also the older brother of Mizuki Segawa. Tetsuro is also an avid science fiction fan and is a member of his high school's sci-fi club.

After school on day Sho and Tetsuro are walking home from school through the woods when the pair come across the dormant guyver unit following Malmot's failed attempt to deliver the units to a third party. Through a variety of missteps the alien armor could have actually bonded with Tetsuro instead of Sho but ultimately that was not Tetsuro's fate.

As being a sci-fi buff Tetsuro makes some surprisingly accurate guesses about the nature of the alien armor, the role that Chronos plays in the plot and what a Zoanoid actually is.

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