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Genzo Makishima

Genzo Makishima
Genzo Makishima Opens in New Window

Genzo is the adoptive father of Agito Makishima after his family was forced to sell the young child to the Makishima family due to some financial debts. Genzo would adopt the child but both there would be no love lost between them.

Genzo Makashima was the former human head of the Japanese branch of Chronos but after loosing two out of the three inactive guyver units, the third on getting damaged and many other previous failures it was decided that his usefulness to the organization was at it's end. After Barcus and Guyot took command of the Japanese branch Genzo was processed into the first Enzyme I model Zoanoid as a punishment for his failures.

Genzo as Enzyme I would then be sent into battle with Guyver I and in the end does actually defeat the alien armored warrior by inflicting a large amount of damage and pulling the Control Metal from the guyver's head. After "defeating" the Guyver in battle as one last insult for his many failures the Zoalords ordered Enzyme I to self destruct.

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