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Masaki Murakami

Murakami (Battle Form)
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Murakami was a twenty-eight year old freelance reporter following a story about the culture in New Guinea when he and his crew stumbled upon a Chronos facility. Upon learning of this the local Chronos agents killed all of his crew but somehow they decided that he should not die. Instead they shipped him off to Chronos's Arizona Base and placed him into the test processing of the at the time newest Zoalord, Richard Guyot. The Chronos scientists, including Shinichiro Yamamura, had been tasked with testing out the Zoalord processing on several test subjects before the process would be completed on Guyot.

Along with three other test subjects Murakami would be processed into a prototype Zoalord so that the modifications could be tested without harming Guyot. Following the testing of Guyot's Zoalord battleform the four test prototypes would have been disposed of but sometime before Yamamura had decided that if he could not destroy Chronos himself he would recruit others who could. Yamamura knowing the inner workings of Chronos setup the four proto-Zoalords with plans on how to destroy Chronos and arranged for their escape. Unfortunately Chronos was also aware of this plan and all four of the proto-Zoalords were killed, somehow only Murakami survived.

After narrowly escaping death at the hand of the Zoalords Murakami managed to make his way back to Japan and again took up the guise as a freelance reporter, this time investigating the Guyver and attempting to continue Yamamura's plan to destroy Chronos. Murakami would meet up with Sho while he battled several Zoanoids. After converting to his prototype Zoalord form he would be able to fight back against the killer creatures but due to his zoacrystal being a dummy one his powers would fail him soon. Sho and company would take him with them as they escaped and on several occasions Murakami would help in the Guyver's fights against Chronos.

Eventually after Guyot would reveal his true plans Archanfel would take him the Chronos family as Imakarum Mirabilis.

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