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ZX-Tole Opens in New Window

ZX-Tole is a Hyper Zoanoid and the leader of the elite Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. Created by Dr. Barcus using the most advanced technology at Chronos' disposal this unit is by far one of the most powerful and most weaponized of all currently produced Zoanoids.

ZX-Tole is a super enhanced muscle type of Zoanoid, only Derzerb is stronger, and is equipted with a staggering 13 bio-blaster ports, an immensely hardened outer skin/insectiod shell and his body has been enhanced for self propelled flight as well as self energy generation.

Among his attacks he can destroy an enemy with his massively powerful thirteen bio-blasters located through out his body, a hidden "Crest Bio-Blaster" located under his chest crown that is more powerful than the other bio-blasters and the hugely powerful "Blaster Tempest". This specialty energy blast is actually generated by his wings through absorbing heat and light from the surrounding environment to charge the laser weapon. Upon firing anything in it's path is instantaneously destroyed, his attack has been rumored to be as powerful as the Guyver's megasmasher.

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