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Elegen Opens in New Window

Elegen is a Hyper Zoanoid and a member of the elite Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. Created by Dr. Barcus using the most advanced technology at Chronos' disposal this unit possesses a variety of electricity based weapons/powers.

Similar to designed to a humanoid eel Elegen has two very long whip like extensions from his back he uses to channel his attacks. In battle he is able to beat his opponent(s) with his whip appendages while simultaneously giving them a huge electrical jolt. In most cases the electric shock will either stun or kill his opponent. One unique ability is the fact that Elegen is able through a static charge type of phenomenon called the "Ionocraft Effect" to achieve self-propelled flight. His most deadly attack is his
"2 million volts" attack, as the name suggests Elegen is able to build up an electric charge of two million volts that can be discharged all at once at his enemies, most if not all are dead before they know what hit them.

Elegen also exhibits an extreme tolerance for heat, as shown after Aptom had absorbed Derzerb's powers and used his napalm attack on Elegen. Due to his engineered resistance the intense heat did not phase him at all.

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