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The Guyver (1991)

The movie opens with Dr. Tetsu Segawa attempting to escape from Chronos with an inactivated "weapon" (a guyver unit). He is following by Lisker and his team of Zoanoids. Eventually Lisker and company catch up to Segawa, confronting him stating that no one leaves Chronos and that he and the weapon will be returning to Chronos with them one way or the other. Segawa then proceeds to turn into and attack Lisker and company in his fish-like Zoanoid form. Lisker responded to this threat by changing into his own battleform. Segawa proves to be no match for Lisker's power and is killed. Upon his death Segawa's Zoanoid form starts to dissolve. Lisker and company leave Segawa's body and return to Chronos with the case that they believe contained the missing guyver unit. The next day the CIA and agent Max Reed investigates the crime scene while Sean Barker looks on from afar. While trying to see what's going on from a distance he finds the hidden guyver unit that Tetsu Segawa hid before his death. Sean takes the strange object he found as Reed and his co-workers attempt to solve the case.

Eventually Lisker returns to Chronos to present the recovery guyver unit to the president of Chronos Corporation, Fulton Balcus. Balcus is not happy because Segawa actually switched the guyver unit with a toaster. Balcus accesses his mental powers over Lisker and forces his subordinate to hit himself. Lisker is then ordered to find the guyver unit or else.

Sean's scooter, while he is traveling back home, dies in a bad part of town. He is about to get mugged by a group of bungling gang members until the inactive guyver unit gets knocked from his bag and he falls on it, thus activating the alien armor. In his armored battle mode Sean easily beats up the thugs but is horrified at what has happened to him. As he screams in fear at what has happened to him the armor retracts into two puncture wounds at the base of his neck.

Seeing as their only lead to where the guyver unit could have gone Lisker and company "visit" Mizky Segawa's apartment, Tetsu's daughter. As Sean is going to meet up with Mizky he arrives to see Lisker's group kidnapping Mizky. Sean follows them to a nearby warehouse and meets up with Max (who was following Lisker's group). When confronted with Lisker's group in human form he attempts to activate the armor but he is unable to do so at will. Eventually after getting beaten up and seeing Mizky in danger only then is Sean able to access the armor.

Once the Guyver armor is activated all of the Chronos agents transform into their Zoanoid battleforms and a battle ensues. In the end Sean, who is not aware of the importance of the control medal, attempts to head butt Lisker but instead stuns and injures himself. Lisker realizes that the Guyver armor does in fact have a weakness and attacks the control medal. Eventually with Sean defeated Lisker pulls the control medal from Sean's head and the armor devours Sean. Mizky and Max are captured and along with the remains of the Guyver control medal are brought back to Chronos headquarters. Mizky is brought before Balcus who explains about the origins of humanity. She is then brought down to the Zoanoid processing center and is finally shown what has happened to Max, he is being processed into a Zoanoid.

Soon Mizky escapes from Balcus watching the processing facility after stealing the remains of the control medal. After a comedic cat and mouse game between Mizky and several Zoanoids The Guyver's body is reformed and Sean starts to battle the Zoanoids. All of the Zoanoids, including Lisker's remaining team, prove no match for the revived Guyver. With all of the Zoanoids killed Sean and Mizky go to free Max from his processing tube. But Balcus is looking on and mentally forces Max to covert into a Zoanoid. Max in his zoanoid form dies though due to not allowing the conversion process to complete. Enraged Sean sidekicks Balcus down the long Zoanoid processing tube hallway. Believing Balcus to be dead Sean and Mizky start to leave. But as they do they hear a deep voice say "Don't rejoice prematurely ... you have not seen the true form of the Zoalord ..." as a huge alien looking beast comes down the hallway to attack Sean.

Balcus's Zoalord battleform proves too powerful for the Guyver. Upon getting trapped by Balcus and sensing the control medal in danger again the alien armor goes into a quasi-self defense mode, firing the megasmasher into Balcus. Balcus is destroyed in a huge fireball, Sean retracts the armor and the couple depart Chronos together. In a strange twist when Sean's body with regenerated by the armor he was reborn naked except that he's wearing socks and sneakers. As Chronos headquarters is destroyed a corrupt government agent offers Striker in his Zoanoid form a job. In another comedic moment Jimmie Walker's zoanoid character agrees saying "Dy-no-mite".

Jack Armstrong as Sean Barker
Mark Hamill as Max Reed
Vivian Wu as Mizky Segawa

David Gale as Fulton Balcus
Michael Berryman as Lisker
Jimmie Walker as Striker
Peter Spellos as Ramsey
Spice Williams-Crosby as Weber

Greg Paik as Dr. Tetsu Segawa

Many of the characters were tweaked, redesigned or simply fully created exclusively for the movie.

Movie Tagline: "From the Producer of Re-Animator".

While the head of the Chronos agents is Lisker is in fact not a guyver host like the manga but rather a conventional Zoanoid.

As a possible error or an attempt to pull fans of Star Wars the VHS and DVD box art for the movie show the iconic manga image of Guyver I's head with half the alien face removed to show the human host underneath. But the box art shows the "host" of the Guyver to be Mark Hamill.

Original Release Date: March 18, 1991

Running Time: 105 min

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