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Dr. Tetsu Segawa

Dr. Tetsu Segawa in the live action films serves the role of Malmot in the manga/animated series, he escapes from Chronos and inadvertently delivers the unadapted guyver unit to the series' hero. In this case Tetsu Segawa is Chronos scientist who transforms into a fish like Zoanoid and is the father of Mizky Segawa. Seeing the horrors that Chronos has committed during his time there he gets in contact with (or is contacted by) Max Reed of the United States CIA and hopes to deliver the unused guyver unit to Max.

Unfortunately this is not meant to be because Chronos is aware of his secret meeting and sends Lisker and his team after him. As he knows the true nature of the "alien space armor" and that he is being followed by a Zoanoid "hit squad" he grabs a random piece of garbage nearby, a broken toaster, and switches the guyver unit for it. With the toaster in the official Chronos branded suitcase he then hides the guyver unit in a nearby lunch box, which is found by Sean.

When confronted by Lisker and company he turns into his Zoanoid battleform but is no match for the power type of unit that Lisker is and is easily killed.

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