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Mizky Segawa

Movie #1 - The Guyver
Similar to her mainstream counterpart Mizky Segawa in the live action films serves as the main hero's girlfriend and "damsel in distress". In this iteration though her father, Tetsu, was actually a Chronos scientist and Zoanoid who escaped with the inactivated guyver unit.

Mizky (Movie #1)
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Movie #2 - Guyver: Dark Hero
In the second movie after Sean decides that he has to find some answers to what the guyver armor is he goes to Mizky, his girlfriend now, to tell her what he's seen in tabloid television shows. Unfortunately for Sean Mizky does not want to hear anything more about aliens, Zoanoids and Chronos as she strongly believes that with the destruction of their LA branch that Chronos was gone forever. She eventually breaks up with Sean, who leaves on his own to explore the armor's past.

Mizky (Movie #2)
Mizky (Movie #2) Opens in New Window
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