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Malmot Opens in New Window

Malmot (aka "Test Type") is a failed experiment at creating a new type of power unit. Due to the failure of this model no further attempts were attempted.

The Malmot/test type is actually the first Zoanoid that is seen in the series. After escaping from Chronos with a mysterious case he was going home to be with his family. Eventually he is confronted by the police and several agents from Chronos. One of these agents turns out to be a Gregole type of unit who is able to easily overpower Malmot. As one last ditch effort to escape after his defeat by Gregole he blows himself and the enemy Zoanoid with a grenade.

After the explosion the contents of the case that he was carrying is revealed. It was actually three Unit-Gs that he had stolen from Chronos for an unknown party. One of the units finds itself attaching itself to Sho, the second being damaged and attaching to Lisker and the third one being retrieved by Agito.

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