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Fulton Balcus

Balcus (Human)
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Fulton Balcus is the local Zoalord at the Los Angeles branch of Chronos. While his outer appearance seems to be closer in look to Dr. Hamilcar Barcus, his demeanor and quest for power seems closer to those of Richard Guyot in the various manga/animated series.

While in human form he seems like a very generic business man until he is angered and has to reprimand a subordinate or to mentally control a Zoanoid. At this point a large hole in his forehead opens from a flap in is skin (presumably his hidden Zoa-Crystal) and he can control both the actions and minds of any Zoanoid. This seen when Lisker returns with a toaster instead of the guyver unit and forces Lisker to hit himself.

Zoalord Battleform
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In his true battleform his appearance is a radical departure from the mainstream series though. Instead of having a humanoid shape with a few alterations and an immense power level Balcus's battleform is a monstrously huge mixture of a bull, dragon and insect (for lack of better description).

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