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Sean Barker (Guyver)

Movie #1 - The Guyver

Sean (Movie #1)
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Sean Barker serves as the americanized host to the Guyver armor in both of the live action movies. Just like the manga/animated versions Sean is a young man, closer to his late teens or early twenties instead of a high school student, who comes upon the alien armor by accident. In this version be finds it hidden in an alley by Dr. Tetsu Segawa to hid it from Chronos. Upon almost getting mugged by a street gang he falls on the unit and armor activates. Much like the manga Sean has a secret crush on Mizky Segawa and at the end of the first movie they are a couple following the harrowing ordeal they faced.

In the first live action movie the armor is more of a pale yellow color and not many of the armor's powers are used except the vibrational blades, head sensors and the megasmasher.

Guyver (Movie #1)
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Movie #2 - Guyver: Dark Hero

Sean (Movie #2)
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In the second movie the actor that portrays Sean is changed from a nerdy looking teen to a more adult looking David Hayter (known for his voice work on the Metal Gear Solid video games). In the second movie it has been about a year since Sean had become The Guyver and now he's more closer in age to late twenties/early thirties. Sean continues to utilize the alien armor as vigilante fighting crime in Los Angeles. But Sean is also getting worried that the armor may have it's own mind and plans for him as the armor is forcing him to kill criminals and he feels that even his good deeds turn out bad (like the security guard who died while Sean was fighting the drug dealers). Plus he is being haunted by strange dreams and images from the alien armor. It is not until he sees a tabloid news story about possible werewolf sights and strange alien drawings does Sean learn the truth about the nature of the alien armor and his role he will play against the forthcoming fight with Chronos.

In the second film the armor color is a closer blue color to the source material and Sean is seen having more controlled and less involuntary access to the Guyver's weapons. Seen used are vibrational blades, head sensors, head beam, gravity orb (for flight) and the megasmasher. Sean is also shown being able to communicate with and control a Creator's ship.

Guyver (Movie #2)
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