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Max Reed

Max Reed
Max Reed Opens in New Window

Max Reed was a human agent of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. When Tetsu Segawa had escaped from Chronos with the inactivated guyver unit he was going to meet up with Max before Segawa was killed by Lisker and his team.

As part of an ongoing investigation into the apparently corrupt Chronos organization, which the US government is aware of, they have sent out numerous (some loyal, some not) field agent to look into and gather as much intelligence as possible about what the secret group does.

Max Reed was one of these agents and had received some good information from Segawa about the nature of what Chronos does and the guyver "space armor" that they had recently discovered.

Max Reed (Zoanoid)
Max Reed (Zoanoid) Opens in New Window

In the end though before Max could return to the CIA he was captured by Fulton Balcus and forced to undergo the Zoanoid processing system. The most likely hope was to turn him into a loyal Zoanoid to either spread false information to his superiors or to sabotage his report. Unfortunately Sean and Mizky interrupted the processing system and Max died part way through his transformation into an unknown insectoid type Zoanoid.

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