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Zoanoid - Guyver Killers

The Guyver Killer type of Zoanoid was created after the emergence of the Guyver and their subsequent battle against Chronos's world domination plans. By studying the biological armor after Lisker was adapted into Guyver II Chronos scientists were able to create a specialized enzyme that could eat away at the bio-boosted armor of the Guyver.

Initially this "super acid" could only be delivered via direct fluid contact with the Guyver but upon further development this enzyme could be projected at the Guyver while in battle.

In addition to the corrosive enzyme typically the Enzyme type of Zoanoid possessed an immense strength level, in some cases being on par with a Hyper Zoanoid's strenth level if not suppassing it.

In the lore of the manga and anime series the Enzyme class of Zoanoid is the only one to actually have fully killed a Guyver

Known Units:
Enzyme I, Enzyme II, Enzyme III

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