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Enzyme II

Enzyme II
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Following the destruction of Chronos Japan all of the original development data of Enzyme I was lost. Based upon this Dr. Barcus decided that he would create the next generation of the "guyver killer" from scratch. The resulting second version of the Enzyme model was in fact superior to the original.

Enzyme II's greatest accomplishment is that fact that Barcus was able to overcome the first model's limitation of not being able to project the enzyme product without physical contact. The new model, which was more insect like in design, still featured the breed's immense strength and durability but also allowed the Zoanoid to spray the acid material at it's target as well as through physical contact through the teeth and claws. In replacement of the whip tail structure four new arms were added to the unit's back, each of the pincers also being able to secrete the enzyme material.

The first version of this model was created by forcing Fumio Fukamachi (Sho's father) to undergo the Zoanoid optimization process. The hope was that Sho would be unable to attack and injure his own father.

Several other models of this unit were produced and utilized by Chronos up until a replacement model was developed.

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