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Enzyme III

Enzyme III
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The third and most powerful unit in the development of a "guyver killer" class of Zoanoid. While this model is the strongest version of Enzyme to date this model it did loose the ability to spray the deadly enzyme compound in favor of melee attack and delivery through physical contact.

The new model also seemed to take a developmental step back as the jointed pincher arms from the previous model were removed in favor a more dexterous tail structure with an enzyme delivery injector. Also the unit was provided with a set of deployable wings for semi-sustained flight. Also the unit gained the ability to instantaneously re-attach a severed limb.

One special trait developed for this unit is a specially created virus that does not allow Aptom to absorb Enzyme III's powers. During the time when this model was developed Aptom was working on his own to absorb various Zoanoid models to increase his own strength and undermine the organization who burned him before.

Unfortunately due to the unit's immense power the life span of the host body is exceptionally short, in most cases the unit's are stored in their processing tubes to maintain energy levels and/or retard the "aging" process inherit with this model. Also the host's mind is actually wiped of all individual thought beyond the need to "kill". And this urge to destroy does not factor in friend or foe, any individual who gets in the unit's way will be considered a threat and destroyed. Without being mentally controlled by a Zoalord the unit will run rampant mindlessly.

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