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Enzyme I

Enzyme I
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The Enzyme I model of Zoanoids was Chronos first attempt at creating a specialty warrior specially designed to directly combat the Guyver by attacking it's very structure. By directly studying the bio-boosted armor of Guyver II Chronos was able to create a highly corrosive enzyme material that could directly attack the armor's most durable component, the armor itself. When the armor material is exposed to this biological acid it will cause an instantaneous chemical reaction that dissolves the armor at a molecular level.

Initially developed by Chronos Japan the first generation of the "guyver killer" was a massively powerful unit with immense strength, numerous razor-sharp teeth, claws designed for tearing of flesh and a powerful tail that could impale an enemy regardless of it's durability. The only drawback to the design is that the first iteration of the corrosive enzyme material had to be delivered to it's enemy by direct contact, any attempt to spray the material would cause it to dissolve upon contact with the air. To counter this Enzyme I was designed with a delivery system that cause produce the toxin through contact with it's blood, it could secrete it through it's teeth or claws and the tail upon "stinging" would deliver the substance.

As a punishment for his numerous failures to Chronos the former head of Chronos Japan, Genzo Makishima, was forcibly processed into the first Enzyme I unit. Several other units were produced in this model but they were killed within their processing tubes before seeing combat.

Following the destruction of Chronos Japan all data about the development of this unit was lost.

The Enzyme I model has the unique distinction among Zoanoids of being the only model type to "kill" the Guyver in combat.

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