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Apollon (Battle Armor)
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Appearing the more recent manga episodes, long after X-Day, this mysterious figure wears a dark black armor that appears to be of the same material as the Guyver's control metal. Through his several battles with the Zoalords he has displayed the ability to use the very same powers that the Zoalords can. Something that only Archanfel can do, meaning that he may actually be as strong as, if not superior to, Archanfel himself.

It has been theorized that he is a linked to and is a sign of a forthcoming return of the Creators.

Since arriving on the scene Apollon has been observed collecting the zoacrystals of the living Zoaloards and breaching secure locations that house the deceased Zoalord's crystals. In all cases his opponents have been seen to be no match for him, after easily defeating his Zoaloard enemy Apollon then proceeds to remove the zoacrystal from his opponent's body.

More recently Apollon appeared at the battle at Odagiri's house while Guyot and Guyver IIf were battling Griselda, her Libertus, Natsuki and the Segewa siblings. Could Apollon be after Guyot's proto-zoacrystal as well?


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