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Following decades of secret planning and preparation "X-Day" refers to the one singular day when the world first found out what Chronos was and in a very short period of time the entire planet was taken over completely.

Over an unknown period of time Chronos had been secretly converting high ranking government officials into Zoanoids in preparation for one day to use these "sleeper agents" to infiltrate every government and business organization simultaneously to take over the world. This along with building it's own world influence caused the people of the world to not even realize what was happening to them. Basically one day you are a citizen of your own nation, the next you were a citizen of the Chronos world population.

Following the total take over by Chronos the world's population actually welcomed the change in power as being ruled by Chronos meant the end of war, poverty and world conflict. In their place Chronos offered free medicine to all, enhanced medical and commercial technology and peace. Everything seemed to be a perfect utopia, unless of course you opposed the "new world order".

Citizens were even offered the opportunity to serve their new leaders by willingly being optimized into Zoanoids, of course the whole truth being withheld from the candidate. For some reason Chronos must have simply forgot to tell the world that being turned into a Zoanoid removes the host's free will ...

One of the more unusual but by the same token brilliant results of the Chronos taking over was the creation of the glam rock boy band called "Jukaden". Basically they were a group of four Zoanoids that played and performed in full view of the world in their Zoanoid and human forms. Jukaden consisted of "Alec" the vocalist (a modified Ramotith model), "Nicky" the keyboardist (a Malcult model), "Kai" the drummer (a Gregole model) and "Makoto" the guitarist (a Razell model"). This boy band idea actually was brilliant as it created an attractive face for Chronos and caused countless new Zoanoid candidates when impressible teens saw how cool it really was to actually be processed into a Zoanoid.

Of course not everyone was happy with the change in the world government. Following X-Day membership in Zeus' Thunderbolt increased drastically as the underground movement to take back control of the world from Chronos increased.

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