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Zoalord - Zoacrystal

A zoacrystal is actually the source of a Zoalord's massive powers. Originally there was only one zoacrystal that was given to Archanfel by the Advents when they were still actively using the planet for thier experiments. After the events that lead up thier departure and Archanfel had awakened from his recuperative hibernation state he decided that he would continue the efforts of the Creators to produce a perfect world under the guiding hand of Chronos.

Using his own body Archanfel created eleven lesser crystals that would be eventually be provided to his fellow Zoalords as the source of thier own unique powers. Each "lesser" zoacrystal is different in that it imparts into it's host a unique set of powers, ranging from self multiplications to gravity manipulation to phase shifting, etc. And because each crystal is actually a part of Archanfel he has the ability to use all of the lesser crystal's powers as well. Beyond the unique powers the host is also granted immortality, increased strength, speed, durability and to some extent immediate regeneration of injuries. The zoacrystal also allows a Zoalord to mentally control any Zoanoid regardless of the distance from him.

This does not mean though that a Zoalord cannot be defeated. If the enemy is skilled enough or is powerful enough a Zoalord can be killed. This has been accomplished on a couple of occasions by the Guyvers and in more recent history by Apollon. If after the Zoalord is defeated his Zoacrystal is removed the body will very similarly to how a Zoanoid dies will proceed to devour itself resulting in no evidence that the host ever existed.

Dummy Crystals:
Dummy Crystals are actually man made copies of those used by the Zoalords when Chronos are test processing the battleform of a future Zoalord. While these fake crystals do impart the superhuman strength, battleform ability, durability and mental powers that a regular Zoalord would have the usage timeframe on the crystals is somewhat limited. After a few minutes of activation the power will be used up and the host body will fall into a coma like state while the host recovers his strength.

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