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Within the universe of the Guyver the Zoalords are those immortal individuals who rule the evil Chronos organization, the oldest and most powerful of their ranks being Archanfel.

Originally during the time when the Creators inhabited the planet there was only one Zoalord, Archanfel. Some time after the Creators left and Archanfel was able to return from his hibernation state he created eleven lesser zoacrystals from his own body. These other eleven overlords would be recruited into the ranks of Chronos over a period of about 400 years, In their new Zoalord form their physical bodies would be optimized for superior strength, speed, skill and more unusual powers like gravity control, pocket dimensional travel, etc. One characteristic of all Zoalords beyond their immortality is their ability to mentally control any Zoanoid, even over long distances.

  Archanfel   Hamilcar Barcas
  Sin Rubeo Amniculus   Waferdanos
  Friedrich von Purgstall   Cabraal Khan
  Jabir Ibn Hayyan   Luggnagg de Krumeggnic
  Li Yentsui   Edward Caerleon
  Tuatha De Galenos   Richard Guyot
  Imakarum Mirabilis    


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