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Zerbebuth Opens in New Window

The Zerbebuth model of Hyper Zoanoid is one of the first Chronos enemies to actually prove too much for an at the time inexperienced Guyver I. Originally Zerbebuth had kidnapped Mizuki Segawa in the hopes to use her a human shield against Guyver I. This proved a useful tactic as Sho was unwilling to sacrifice his friend to defeat the powerful Zoanoid. Ultimately a second armored individual, at the time the audience did not it was Agito, was able to kill the creature in his own first appearance.

Strength-wise Zerbebuth was at the time the most powerful hyper-muscle type of Zoanoid ever created, being 3x as strong as Gregole, at it's peak a Gregole is approximately 15x stronger than a normal human. His crustacean-like armor also proved to strong for conventional weapons including the Guyver's head beam blast. The unit also feature several bio-blaster ports on it's forearms that were specified to be 8x times more powerful than the strongest blast from a Vamore unit. And last but not least on his head were three flexible acid shooters to spray a corrosive material about 10 feet away at an enemy.

Some time later several updated versions of this model called "Powered (Empowered) Zerbebuth" would be sent after Guyver IIf in the manga.

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