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Powered Zerbebuth

Powered Zerbebuth
Powered Zerbebuth Opens in New Window

Several years later, after Guyver IIf was integrated into the mainstream manga, Zerbebuth was resurrected as an updated (and of course more powerful) unit called Powered (Empowered) Zerbebuth. This newer model was developed specifically to be able to counter the many high power attacks of the Guyver and featured weapons that were supposed to surpass the Guyver's own weaponry.

To this extent the unit now featured an internal vibration generator that could be used to adapt it's own crustacean-like armor to deflect the Guyver's high frequency blades, sonic emitters and pressure cannon. The unit's strength level was improved upon as well making it more powerful than it's predecessor. It's right arm was modified to add three extendible high frequency swords of it's own. And in replacement of the numerous bio-blasters on it's forearms one larger high output laser lens was attached to his left arm. This laser has been boasted by the creature as being as powerful as the Guyver's own megasmasher. And lastly this unit retained the corrosive acid sprayers on it's head, this time the corrosive material was stronger in potency.

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