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Following the resurfacing of Richard Guyot as a Proto-Zoalord after the Rogue Zoalords had revived him the Unas model of Hyper Zoanoid was seen entering the battlefield. While the Unas model Hyper Zoanoids do not appear to be much more powerful than your average Hyper model they are seen to be easily defeated in combat one-on-one against the Libertus from Zeus' Thunderbolt.

But the true power of the Unas is not in it's individual units but their combined forms and the resulting increase in power. So far the Unas units have the unique ability among Zoanoids to merge together to increase their strength and durability.

So far the ten known Unas model Zoanoids has shown the ability to merge into a two model form, a three model form and a four model form that merges with Guyot to create a "spider" form.

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Dimer configuration:
When two Unas model Zoanoids combine the resulting unit is similar in appearance to the standard form but the power is doubled.

Trima configuration:
When three Unas merge together the form created has six arms and a pair of massive legs, power level is tripled.

Quadriga configuration:
The final form (so far known) results when four Unas merge together with Guyot to create a "spider" form with eight legs attached to Guyot at the pelvis. The power level so far is unknown but a safe assumption is that it will have four times the strength plus the power of Guyot in the proto-Zoalord form.

Unas Dimer Unas Trima
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