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Zeus' Thunderbolt

Zeus' Thunderbolt is the official name of the underground resistance force that was created by Agito Makishima to fight Chronos and their world domination plans. This resistance force has former members of the Chronos organization, human soldiers and specialized Zoanoids created to help fight for the liberation of humanity from Chronos.

Whether the organization's ultimate goal is to free the world from the control of Chronos or simply to replace the evil corporation with a similar group ruled by Agito is unknown. But in all likely hood Agito's ultimate plan is to destroy Chronos and then rule the world in their place as the liberator of the world from the "previous dictator".

The name comes from Greek mythology where Cronos was eventually overthrown by his son Zeus.

The main headquarters for Zeus' Thunderbolt is located in Colorado, USA.  The based is hidden away in (and presumably under) an unsuspecting farm house and barn in the woods.  Outside the barn is a graveyard with tombstone markers to record all the people that have been lost due the fight to free the world from Chronos' rule.  These including all the human hosts of the deceased Libertus, fallen human scientists and others who gave their lives to stop Chronos' various plots.

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