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Libertus (Type A)
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The Libertus is a Zoanoid unit used exclusively by the underground resistance group called Zeus' Thunderbolt. After Dr. Alfred Hekkaring is kidnapped from a Chronos research base by Agito's group he was forced to create a unique Zoanoid that could fight and defeat even the powerful Hyper Zoanoid model. Hekkaring would create a specialized unit known as the Libertus in an effort to prove that he was actually better and more skilled than even Chronos's top Zoaforming researcher, Dr. Barcus. And in fact the resulting "super zoanoid" would actually surpass even the most technologically superior unit from Chronos.

Following the creation of the Libertus type resistance fighter they would also need to Zoalord to guide their attacks and to mask the units from the mental control of Chronos. To accomplish this Shinzu Onuma would be processed into the Zoalord Griselda. Beyond hiding the Libertus units from Chronos's mental control and directing battle strategies Griselda also has the unique power to heal a Libertus via physical contact.

Taken from volunteers while the Zeus' Thunderbolt organization the soldiers are processed like a standard Zoanoid would be but unlike the Chronos units the Libertus models must return to their processing tanks when not in battle in order to maintain their energy. Plus the life span of those processed into a Libertus is approximately two years, something that is probably not widely known.

Type A
The standard super Zoanoid model, it's strength level and durability surpassing the strongest Chronos model.

Type B
In this this form the shoulder armor evolves a bioblaster lens, the resulting blast exceeded the most powerful Chronos created bio-blaster type Zoanoid.

Libertus (Type B)
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Type C
The final transformation in both a figurative and literal sense of the term. Upon activating this form the unit's body is actually reprocessed as a biological explosive. Once this kamikaze mode is started it cannot be stopped as the entire unit's organs and tissues are permanently changed into the explosive liquid.
Typically the Libertus unit is not able to activate this mode on his/her own but must have it explicitly requested by their Zoalord.

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