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Li Yentsui

Li Yentsui (human)
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Li Yentsui is one of the twelve Zoalords of the Chronos organization who's green battleform uses a series of prism like objects on his arms to project a deadly attack called the "Zue Kong Zhan". This technique allows Li to access a series of dimensional wormholes to travel between two points in time and space to either attack with a projectile weapon or directly slice an enemy.

Li Yentsui (Battle Form)
Li Yentsui (Battle Form) Opens in New Window

Li Yentsui was killed while defending an ancient Chronos artifact called the "Sacred Treasure", a fossilized Creators' ship, that was stored at the Arizona Base. During the time Guyver III and his resistance group Zeus' Thunderbolt was attacking the Chronos facility.

While he and Waferdanos had been able to injure the enemy Guyver Gigantic Dark his own attack backfired on him, resulting in his own death. During the battle Li had opened up a wormhole that he hoped would allow him to drive the Guyver into one of Waferdanos' "hair tendrils" to kill his enemy. But unfortunately his trick was turned around and it was he who was impaled by Waferdanos's attack instead.

His death was not in vain though as with his last bit of strength he was able to create one last portal to the outside to allow Barcus to escape with the fossilized ship's navigation system. After Barcus had safely departed he was killed when the Arizona Base self-destructed.

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