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Waferdanos (human)
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Waferdanos is one of the twelve Zoalords of the Chronos organization and was actually one of the first Zoalords created by Barcus. During his early quest to find like minded individuals to convert into Zoalord Barcus found his way to an unknown island in the North Atlantic. This lush island was filled with various sentient plant like including Waferdanos.

Battle Form
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Waferdanos was actually not a human being but rather an earlier experiment by the Creators that was abandoned long before they started to experiment with their human/zoanoid warrior tests. When Barcus discovered that the plant life on this island was a thinking organism he became to study it and realized that as a whole the plant life was made up of three separate species that combined to form one huge plant creature. The three forms would be documented as the forest itself, a species of mobile plant creatures called "villus subjecti" and the "king" organism that was the brain component of the creature.

Villus Subjecti
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This creature that would be known as Waferdanos existed for millennia in peace but was lonely and bored with it's solitary life. Making a deal with the plant creature Waferdanos was modified into a Zoalord by Barcus and was promised that he would never be lonely again while they explore the planet together.

In the more modern era both he and Li Yentsui were killed while defending an ancient Chronos artifact called the "Sacred Treasure", a fossilized Creators' ship, that was stored at the Arizona Base. During the time Guyver III and his resistance group Zeus' Thunderbolt were attacking the Chronos facility.

During this battle the majority of Waferdanos's body was destroyed by Guyver III and his "king" brain module was injured by a Libertus Type III's suicide attack. Barely clinging to life he was able to guide his oldest friend Barcus to safety before perishing when the Arizona Base self-destructed.
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