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Guyver Gigantic

Gigantic Cocoon
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Following Sho and Agito's defeat at Relic's Point by Archanfel and his Zoalords the alien ship that was attached to Sho via their control metals had sensed Sho's desire to protect and created a cocoon for him and Agito against attack. This cocoon upon activation would bond with either Sho or Agito's armor and enhance both the suit's power, strength and weaponry. Initially these was only one Gigantic cocoon that both Sho and Agito would fight to use and in most cases Agito's will would overpower Sho's and the Gigantic was attach to Agito's armor instead of Sho's.

Eventually through excavating a crashed Creator's ship and it's organic mainframe database Agito was able to produce his own Gigantic cocoon without having to "steal" Sho's.

Guyver Gigantic
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• Power Amps: Allows the Gigantic armor to create a barrier around itself and others.
• Enhanced High Frequency Swords: Producing more powerful cutting force these blades can curve and be fired out at great distances.
• Three Head Beam Orbs: The primary head beam location actually fires a beam 15x more powerful than standard, the other two fire standard power blasts.
• Additional Vibration Globes: Increasing the number of vibro-orbs on the face to five.
• Giga-Smasher: An enhanced version of the Mega-smasher, power output is gauged at 100x more powerful than the standard output.
• Jets: Located on the back they allow for flight and accelerated ground attacks.
• Gravity Fist/Power Punch: Using the accelerated speed created by the back jets and channeling gravitational forces through the hand creates a devastating impact.
• Gravity Ram: By powering up the chest spike, activating the Power Amps' barrier, turning on the gravity orbs and jet pack the resulting spearing attack totally destroys any target and the surrounding area.

Guyver Gigantic Dark
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