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Imakarum Mirabilis

Imakarum Mirabilis (human)
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Imakarum Mirabilis is the name of the Zoalord who took the place of Richard Guyot after his forced departure from Chronos. Originally he was the prototype Zoalord known as Masaki Murakami before being processed into a full Zoalord by Archanfel.

After the incident at Relic's Point Archanfel had Guyot's Zoa-Crystal in his hands and a dying prototype Zoalord at his feet he decided that there would be no better opportunity to create a replacement for the disgraced and depowered Richard Guyot. Over an unknown period of time Barcus and the top Chronos scientists proceeded to modify his body to accept a real Zoa-Crystal and mentally conditioned him to be unquestionably loyal to Archanfel and Chronos.

Battle Form
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Due to his newfound loyalty to Chronos he would do anything required to defend his new family even attempting to kill his former colleagues. On several occasions he almost succeeded in killing Aptom, Sho and Agito.

Unfortunately for Sho and company the processing into a Zoalord did not erase any of his former memories when he was Masaki Murakami. All the weakness, secret resistance bases and other secret that he was told in confidence was then made available to Chronos.

Plus he also remembered how sentimental Sho is, to the point that he used Sho's former friendship and unwillingness to fight him to his favor. During this battle Sho would not attack him because he still felt that Imakarum Mirabilis could be saved, freed from Chronos' control and turned back into Masaki Murakami.

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