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Neo ZX-Tole

Neo ZX-Tole
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Following the defeat and absorption of the rest of the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five (and narrowly escaping being absorbed by Aptom himself) ZX-Tole begged Barcus to be repossess into a newer model of Zoanoid strong enough to destroy the Aptom and at the same be able to exact revenge for his fallen team and friends. Seeing how much of a threat Aptom was to Chronos Barcus accommodated ZX-Tole's request.

The resulting enhanced Lost Number/Unit version called Neo ZX-Tole was be far one of the most powerful and highly weaponized unit created at the time (if not of all time). In his new form he actually contained the powers of the entire Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. Unfortunately with his high level of processing his lifespan was cut to only several days, but this limited lifespan would be well worth to exact his revenge.

After his re-processing was complete the vengeance driven Zoanoid was set loose in what would be Aptom's Zoanoid "feeding grounds". Eventually Aptom and Neo ZX-Tole would encounter each other and the newly enhanced ZX-Tole would prove to be too powerful for Aptom despite absorbing a massive amount of Hyper Zoanoid. This was in part due to the "anti-Aptom" virus that was developed to stop (and injure) Aptom from absorbing him

Neo ZX-Tole (Wings Extended)
Neo ZX-Tole
(Wings Extended)
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But just as Neo ZX-Tole was about to finish off Aptom Guyver III and the chrysalis pod that contained Guyver I came upon the battlefield. Guyver III and Neo ZX-Tole would then fight and again the enhanced ZX-Tole would prove to stronger than even a Guyver.

Thankfully at the last moment the chrysalis would open and from it Sho as the Guyver Gigantic would emerge. The resulting battle would then prove somewhat one sided in favor of Sho. In a last ditch effort to destroy all his enemies at once Neo ZX-Tole flew up to the sky and began charging his "Final" Blast Tempest attack, a weapon capable of destroying a whole city (and it's user as well). Once charged and fired though the Final Blast Tempest proved useless again the Guyver Gigantic's Gigasmasher blast. With Neo ZX-Tole firing from the sky and the Guyver Gigantic firing from the ground the two massive energy blasts met in midair but the gigasmasher was able to envelop the Final Blast Tempest attack completely, killing Neo ZX-Tole.

Neo ZX-Tole's Powers:
Flight - By combining Elegen's electric ionocraft power with ZX-Tole's insectiod wings he could achieve great flight speeds.

Super Strength - His strength was updated to rival Derzerb's.

Thought Wave Resistance - A Lost Number/Unit's ability to block the mental controls of the Zoalords, thus allowing Neo ZX-Tole to act independent of Barcus and the others.

Anti-Aptom Virus - A specialize virus created by Barcus and added to Neo ZX-Tole that would not allow Aptom to absorb the host. Plus if an absorption is attempted it would seriously injure Aptom.

High Frequency Vibration Blades - Mounted on his wrists these weapons are able to rival those used by the Guyver, originating from Thancrus.

Heat Discharge - Derzerb's napalm blast.

Energy Crest Skin - Using his BioEnergy, Electrical Energy or Body Heat he could increase his skin temperature to the point of burning anyone who touched him.

Electric Shock - Using his beatle like horns he is able to generate large amounts of electrical energy, taken from Elegan.

Bio Missiles - Similar to Gaster's this unit is able to retract his shoulder armor to reveal a set of biological missile pods. Upon firing, just like Gaster, the missiles can be guided through telepathy.

Bio Blasters - After reprocessing Neo ZX-Tole now has 18 bioblaster ports, they are so powerful even a glancing hit from one is enough to severally injure Guyver III.

Electro Magnetic Shield - Using his electric powers Neo ZX-Tole is able to create a force shield powerful enough to deflect a megasmasher hit.

Crest Horn Bio Blaster - Located in his chest this unit would obviously have been upgraded from it's previous iteration.

Blast Tempest - Another upgraded power from the original but not seen in actual combat.

"Final" Blast Tempest - Using the UV rays from the Sun as a power source Neo ZX-Tole is able to store and then rechannel a huge amount of blast energy. At it's height of charge the resulting blastwave is strong enough to completely destroy an entire city.

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