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Zoanoid - Lost Numbers/Unit

The Lost Numbers/Unit breed of Zoanoid is normally those that do not really fall into a standard category of enhancements. These units will usually be the more "freak" type of creature. In most cases one of these subjects was created an experiment to try and create a Zoanoid with a specific power, ability or enhancement. In the case of Aptom and Gelpass shape shifting, Bio-freezer instant temperature manipulation, Dyme having the ability to merge with the battlefield, etc.

Although these creatures are unique among their Zoanoid brethren they are actually looked down upon by their brothers and the Zoalords. In most cases they are treated as failed experiments and seen as nothing more than a disposable asset that Chronos would be better off without. Because of this there is a sense of solidarity these units, especially among Aptom, Somlum and Dyme.

Due to the nature of the optimization process these units lack the ability to self reproduce, the most likely reason for being looked down upon by the Chronos personnel.

Additionally due the nature of their creation the units have the unique ability among Zoanoids to ignore commands from their Zoalord rulers, as is the case that Aptom eventually allied himself with Sho and company.

Known Units:
Aptom, Somlum, Dyme, Gelpass, Bio-Freezer, Neo ZX-Tole

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