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Zoanoid - Hyper Zoanoids

While most standard Zoanoids could be created over a one or two day period and does not actually require much supervision or monitoring the Hyper type of Zoanoid does not follow this process.

In all cases the creation of a Hyper Zoanoid is closely watched by the Chronos scientific staff to ensure that all aspects of the procedure is perfect. In most if not all case these units are superior strength, firepower and skill than your average Zoanoid.

Although the exact process to duplicate a Hyper Zoanoid can be repeated in almost all case it is not due to the creature's unique and enhanced powers. Plus not every Zoanoid can be further optimized into a Hyper form, in all cases if the Hyper process fails the subject dies immediately.

Known Units:
Zerbebuth, Powered Zerbebuth, Panadyne, Noskov, Myumelzee, Zencrebe,
, Minodlius, Gapteyn, Danaplus, Borzel, Gavein, Branchai, Gustav, Zanngallo, Bilfinger, Gastal, Gusyphus, Synevite

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