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The Gusyphus unit was a precursor to the Gastel unit. While this unit did feature Gastel's unique stealth ability it also had the ability to create a huge force field around itself. The force field it could create was a perfectly circle approximately 300 feet wide that was invisible to detection and could even survive the powerful weaponry of the Guyver. The only way to escape would be to defeat the creator of the field who would typically activate it's stealth ability to make the job harder. Plus the field could be modified to injure anything that touched it.

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This unit would be seen attempted to destroy Guyver IIf after she was integrated into the mainstream manga. In it's only encounter with Valkyria this unit would trap her in an invisible force bubble with four Enzyme III units. By using a technique of bouncing gravity pulses off the force bubble walls like sonar Guyver IIf was able to determine the outer edge of the force field. By then slashing near the middle of the field she was able to kill the invisible Zoanoid unit and upon getting freed from the force field she made short work of the four guyver killer units.

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