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Branchai (Combined)
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The Branchai unit of Zoanoid is actually three separate models that act as a larger team, commonly known as the "Branchai Brothers". This team unit was specially designed by the Rogue Zoalords to draw out the Guyver Gigantic to do battle with the Zoalord Purgstall.

Originally before processing these units were brothers that where designed to look the Guyver Gigantic when merged into one larger being. While the three units could separate at will their power was drastically lessened as opposed to their combined form. Obviously their combined power was not up to par with the Guyver Gigantic that they were designed to look like.

When combined the Branchai "Alpha" would create the combined unit's head and shoulder pods, Branchai "Beta" would create the arms, chest and torso and then the Branchai "Gamma" formed the hips and legs.

Branchai Alpha Branchai Beta Branchai Gamma
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In their combined form while they could not defeat the Guyver Gigantic they did feature some powerful attacks. The unit had a powerful laser located in it's head, an explosive compound fired from it's forearms and could achieve self propelled flight. This unit was killed on it's first mission to draw out the Guyver Gigantic.

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