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Bio-Freezer Opens in New Window

The Zoanoid known as Bio-Freezer was originally known as the human scientist Toshiaki Hayami, the only survivor of a group of scientists who served Chronos at their Relic's Point research facility. As a method of controlling their human workers all scientists for Chronos would be infected with a virus that would kill them if not supplied with a steady dose of anti-virus serum. The only way to counteract the virus would be to be processed into a Zoanoid. Seeing as though the anti-virus serum was in short demand Dr. Odagiri and his colleagues decided to be processed into Zoanoids. In an effort to not be under the metal control of Zoalords the group decided that they would be converted into Lost Numbers/Units.

Toshiaki Hayami was the only member of the scientific team to survive the Zoanoid optimization process, thus becoming the Lost Number/Unit known as Bio-Freezer.
Bio-Freezer's unique ability is the power to control the temperature of his surroundings to freeze objects.

Aptom eventually discovers Hayami and upon determining what he is Aptom brings him to meet up with the Sho and company. Later on a mission to save Aptom (who was under the control of the Rogue Zoalords) from Chronos with Sho Bio-Freezer was killed by the very person he set out to free, Aptom. While he was dying Bio-Freezer let out one last large "cold blast" that resulted in Aptom being freed from Zoalord Cabraal Khan's control. As an unforeseen side effort of Bio-Freezer's final blast Aptom absorbed his temperature control ability which was used to eventually kill Khan.

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