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Within the Guyver universe the Zoanoid is commonly the expendable foot soldier of the Chronos organization. In most case the lesser "optimized" units (those that can be created easily) are just that cannon fodder.

During the time when the Creators had visited the Planet Earth to create their biological weapon the next evolution of the human form was the Zoanoid. By recombining the DNA of humans certain pre-existing traits are brought to the surface through the Optimization Process. This processing involved placing the subject in a specially designed incubation tube and exposing the subject to specially designed compounds to rewrite his/her DNA to be that of a Zoanoid. After the process is completed the subject will then be a slave of his Zoalord masters, any command given even the command to die or commit suicide will be followed without question or second though.

Upon a Zoanoid's death his physical body will be begin to dissolve on itself, thus leaving no sign or remains that can be examined by outside sources. Basically erasing all traces that the creature was there or even existed at all.

  Nealcos, Golvarun, Caden
  Vamore, Delcasse, Menzel, Grimmels
  Brelimos, Devold, Gepatolls, Gernold, Valvatos, Vikarr

Malmot, Gregole, Gobilva, Bresnel, Casvarius, Bonga, Oranganann, Broiz, Ramotith, Valvas, Eurenorm, Giles, Gergoile, Ziatt, Lu-Kill, Granza, Hodluff, Eltopo, Dail, Gezz, Diegel, Curvill, Neagle, Geefog, Bystoma

  Citiciss, Razell, Rocies, Malcult
Hyper Zoanoids:
  Zerbebuth, Powered Zerbebuth, Panadyne, Noskov, Myumelzee, Zencrebe, Billbo-Negg, Minodlius, Gapteyn, Danaplus, Borzel, Gavein, Branchai, Gustav, Zanngallo, Bilfinger, Gastal, Gusyphus, Synevite
Guyver Killers:
  Enzyme I, Enzyme II, Enzyme III
Hyper Zoanoid Team Five:
  ZX-Tole, Thancrus, Gaster, Derzerb, Elegen
Lost Numbers/Unit:
  Aptom, Somlum, Dyme, Gelpass, Bio-Freezer, Neo ZX-Tole
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