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Friedrich von Purgstall

Friedrich von Purgstall (human)
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Friedrich von Purgstall was one of the ruling twelve Zoalords of the Chronos organization. Recruited by Barcus about 215 years ago in Vienna he was actually one of the most liked among the Zoanoid population due to the fact that he seemed to actually care for what others would consider cannon fodder. To the point where he would actually choose to battle an overpowering enemy himself instead of letting his loyal Zoanoids fight and die for him.

Battle Form
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In this battleform von Purgstall had the ability to generate and control lightning strikes against his enemies. While his attacks were best suited for long range combat he was able to produce less potent short range lightning bolts. His battleform also allowed him to gather radiant heat from his surroundings to (re)gain strength.

In his last battle with the Guyver Gigantic he was injured and barely survived if it were not for the aid of three of his fellow Zoalords, Krumeggnic, Khan and Hayyan. But shortly there after the three Rogue Zoalords killed him themselves.

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